Chameleon Gems

Chameleon Gems 7.3

In Chameleon Gems you have to hit with gems same colored gems

Chameleon Gems is a game where you have to hit with gems same colored gems.
This is another Zuma clon (like Luxor), in which you control a central character (a Chameleon, this time) that has a gem in its mouth, and a long line of gems going around it.

You must point and shoot your gem to groups of two or more gems with the same color of the gem in the Chameleon´s mouth, in order to clear them out.

You must clear all the gems before they fall in the central hole. If they do, you loose a life. When all lives are lost, it´s game over. Your score will be based in how far was the last gem you cleared from the central hole. Of course, you get more points if they are far from the hole.

Some gems have smaller gems over them, that will be released when you clear that gem. Some will have a back arrow, this means that the string of gems will go back a little when you hit them. Some gems will explode, clearing the nearest gems, and some will give you the power to eliminate other gems simply shooting them.

Each time you end a level, you can trade your point for some articles that will give you some kind of vantage in the game.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s an addictive game, with good graphics and sound


  • The idea is not very original
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